Celebrate Success!

Some company owners simply commemorate the founding of their business with cake and punch in their corporate lounge; more resourceful businesses are using this occasion to its best advantage. They know that bringing attention to milestones can serve as the ideal opportunity to remind clients, customers, and prospects of the long-term success achieved and reaffirm reliability and credibility.

A WDS milestone anniversary marketing plan may include a media campaign launched on a local, regional or national level.

WDS shines in promoting business milestones

The campaign can focus on the history of the business, the evolution of products or services, and profile the founders, leaders and staff. A targeted press release can also serve as a “foot in the door” to get the attention of editors and reporters. Industry publications are also friendly to features about businesses with a history of success.

At WDS, each milestone anniversary celebration that we design reflects the culture of our client’s company. We can work with their marketing team to coordinate direct mail campaigns, client and employee events, special promotions and more. Print advertisements can thank clients for the years of success. Billboards also lend themselves to bringing attention to milestones. Creative, dynamic logos, tag lines and promotional items that follow the theme of the anniversary can be an excellent addition.

Whether a business wants to make a big splash or just create waves, a WDS milestone anniversary celebration can be an enjoyable and profitable experience!

Don’t let your business anniversary go by without taking advantage of the opportunities these milestones offer. Contact us today for ideas, options and insights.